The First Colonial Soldiers

The First Colonial Soldiers - Volume 1

By Wienand Drenth & Jonathon Riley

Wienand Drenth & Jonathon Riley ( Drenth Publishing)

5 stars - The First Colonial Soldiers: A Survey of British Colonies and Their Garrisons, 1650 - 1714 "Jonathan Riley, himself a former Lieutenant General, has written a great book covering General the Brock's life and his campaign in Canada, with the knowledge of a senior and decorated Army Officer."

The First Colonial Soldiers

A Survey of British Colonies and Their Garrisons, 1650 - 1714

Volume 1: the British Isles, Europe, Asia and Africa. With an introduction by Professor John Childs, this volume covers the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Dunkirk, Mardyck, Gibraltar, Minorca, Tangier, the West African settlements, St Helena and the Far Eastern outposts of the Honourable East India Company.


Descriptions of every territory, its origins, the military forces employed to seize it and its later military establishment

Detailed lists of regular garrisons, companies, regiments, colonial/provincial regulars and the Ordnance Office detachments - Detailed lists of the Militia regiments

Descriptions and lists of expeditions mounted by colonial troops, especially those against Quebec, Hispaniola, Guadeloupe and Martinique

Survey of the various Companies and their garrisons (Royal African, Newfoundland, East India, Guinea and so on)

Surveys of the Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Modern maps - Contemporary plans and illustrations - Introductions by two of the foremost historians of the period.

Vol 1, ca.320pp, ISBN 978-90-81888-2-1 November 2014
Published by Drenth Publishing, Eindhoven, Netherlands

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The First Colonial Soldiers Volume 2Volume 2: the Americas and the Caribbean
(Published in 2 Volumes)

These volumes deal with the colonies in the New World and the temporary holdings in that part of the world. Discussed are the militias of those colonies, the expeditions and battles, the regular forces sent from England, and much more. This volume is to be published in March 2015.

Though designated "Volume 1" and "Volume 2", both volumes can be read independently of each other as each comes with its own introduction, list of references, indices, illustrations and maps.

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