The Chilcot Report, Iraq Inquiry. Lieutenant-General

The Chilcot Report - Iraq Inquiry

Identifying lessons that can be learned from the Iraq conflict

Expert Witness Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley was called to give evidence at the Chilcot Inquiry

Speaking on Newsnight, Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley discusses Military Limitations during the conflict in Iraq

"The Chilcot Report - Military Limitations "



As Commanding General, South East Iraq 2004-05,
Lieutenant-General Riley said:

"We had two British Battalions to keep order in Basra, until we could generate Iraqi Police and military capability.

Well I don't think in my time in Belfast there were ever less than five, and at the peak of trouble, I think there were about 13. Now how, really it was ever thought that we could look after Basra with that amount of resource, I'm really not sure."


"The Chilcot Inquiry"



On the 15th June 2009, Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister, announced that an Inquiry was to be conducted to identify lessons that can be learned from the Iraq conflict. The Iraq Inquiry was officially launched on 30 July 2009.

Date: Monday, 14 December 2009
Subject: Views from Baghdad 2004-2005
Witnesses: Lt Gen Sir John Kiszely & Lt Gen Robin Brims
Subject: Basra and the South after the invasion
Witnesses: Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley & Gen Sir Peter Wall

Declassified Oral Evidence and Transcripts may be found on the following website: Iraq Inquiry


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