Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley CB DSO PhD MA FRHistS

News & Diary of Engagements December 2014

The British Commission for Military HistoryDecember 20th 2014
Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley elected to The British Commission for Military History

The British Commission for Military History was founded in 1968 as the national branch of the International Commission for Military History.


RWF Museum TrustDecember 19th 2014
RWF Museum Trust


Christmas Truce CommemorationDecember 11th - 14th 2014
Christmas Truce Commemoration, Frelinghien

During the event, Welsh and German soldiers from the 1st Royal Welsh and German Army re-enacted the football match commemorating the unofficial Christmas Day truce during World War One.

The grandsons of the Commanding Officers, Major Miles Stockwell & Colonel Joachim Freiherr von Sinner exchanged wartime gifts of beer and plum pudding.

The First Colonial SoldiersDecember 8th 2014
Book Launch
Publication of "The First Colonial Soldiers", Volume I, with Wienand Drenth
The First Colonial Soldiers: A survey of British overseas territories and their garrisons, 1650 – 1714
Volume 1: the British Isles, Europe, Asia and Africa. With an introduction by Professor John Childs, this volume covers the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Dunkirk, Mardyck, Gibraltar, Minorca, Tangier, the West African settlements, St Helena and the Far Eastern outposts of the Honourable East India Company.


WW1 Commemorations Advisory BoardDecember 4th 2014
WW1 Commemorations Advisory Board, Welsh Government

The board oversees and advises on plans for the nationwide programme of events and educational initiatives marking the centenary in 2014.

Lt-Gen Riley joined the WW1 Commemoration advisory group under Sir Deian Hopkin, as an advisor to the Welsh government on the centenaries.